Ways to acquire a free US Phone Number for Verification


A US phone number is a much-needed aspect for almost everyone nowadays. Whether you are looking to take your business to a new limit or you need to secure your identity and personal information from getting leaked, a US number for OTP is what your need of the hour is. If you are an entrepreneur but not residing in the US and working with US clients or customers or wanting to work with them, a US phone number for SMS will surely bring various advantages. Learning about the added benefits of having a US phone number for verification for businesses not based in the US is enormous? A US phone number online makes your business look legitimate to others, and thus your business grows more prominent. Also, you need not pay any international calling fee to place calls with your customers in the US.

And last but not least, customers based in the US are most likely to answer calls if you are using US phone numbers as they will trust the number. Other than benefiting business owners, any person using the internet can avail great usefulness out of a US valid phone number. USA-free number eliminates the risks of identity theft, lets you create accounts on any source, and eradicates regional restrictions. That’s why in this article, we have incorporated several practical and legit methods to get a free US phone number for verification.



Steps to get USA mobile phone number


Getting a US phone number SMS is quite an easy task. Most of the time, you can avail of a temporary USA number online without paying any extra charges. But you should always keep in mind that you need to pay a certain subscription fee if you are using a number generating app to use numbers for a long time basis. You can avail various ways and methods to get a US phone number online. So let’s begin talking about some of the most reliable and hassle-free processes.



●    Installing Online Number Generating App



Using online USA mobile number generating apps is a great and reliable way of getting US phone number verification. You need to use apps like Hushed, Free Tone, or Burner in this method. Let’s talk about how you can use Hushed to avail a US SMS number.


Steps to Get Free Number on Hushed


The hushed app offers 3 days free trial period, after which you need to get a subscription to use the app further. Here are the steps of using Hushed for USA numbers.


● First, you need to install the Hushed app.

● Once the installation process is sorted, go to the app, open it to register yourself.

● Then you need to click on ‘I Agree to accept the terms and conditions.

● Check the left side at the bottom of the app named ‘Get New Number.’ Click on it.

● After that, tap on the section called ‘Get a Free 3 Day Number’.

● It will then ask you to fill in specific regional numbers like 501, 209, or anything according to which region’s number you are willing to get. Click ‘Search’ after that.

● Hushed will begin its search and provide you a new number of that particular region.

● After it is done, press ‘Claim’ for the number activation.



In this way, you will get a free number to use for 3 days. You should search regional numbers in the US to get a US number for verification.



●    Getting USA number online by iPhone or Android App



● Simply download TextPlus on your iPhone or Android mobile phone, which provides you with USA phones numbers in the beginning. This app is used for getting virtual USA mobile numbers for account verification, texts, or calls.

● After installing, open the app the create a new account on it by pressing the Sign-up button. Enter your personal information, such as your first and last name, email, DOB, and password. You can enter any temporary email address also.

● Once the sign-up is over, you will see the app dashboard and find the icon of the menu there.

● Then tap on it and press the ‘Tap to Get Free TextPlus Number’ to avail USA number for verification, text, or call.

● After that, you need to choose an area or a state code according to your preference.

● Now tap on the section named, ‘Get a Custom Number.’ Now enjoy US phone numbers online.


With it, text or call any number around the globe.



●    Getting Free Number from SendHub- Business SMS



● This method of getting a USA SMS number for verification is also an effortless and convenient way.

● At first, you need to download SendHub- Business SMS.

● Using a HeyWire number, create an account on SendHub.

● After completing an account with the HeyWire number, you would receive the verification code. You need to use that code you received on your HeyWire number to verify your account on SendHub.

● After your account verification is over, you will get a USA mobile number for USA free SMS receive or calling purposes.



Last Thoughts



So, these are the most convenient and simple ways to get USA mobile numbers online. The apps which are mentioned in this article are very reliable and secured. Your personal information, which you may have to enter to create an account on the specific apps, is in a safe place. The numbers you get on these apps are in a working state, so it will not waste time. You can use US-free numbers for verification, texting, or calling purposes. In this way, you can revamp your business by proving that your business is legit to clients or customers based in the US. You can also preserve your identity while using several sites on the internet, which may welcome underlying dangers of stealing personal data and identity theft. Enjoy the US feeling by residing anywhere on the Earth.