The Era of SMS Verification Online

This is the age of digital marketing when each organization or individuals need multiple accounts on various social media sites for various promotional means. These sites include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, or any other such social networking platforms. However, in order to curb the multiple accounts from the same person, these sites have introduced the inclusion of a PVA system to validate and authenticate the account holders. PVA or Phone Verified Accounts are those where each account is associated with one phone number.

What is PVA?

Once the user tries to create an account on any website, he is asked for a mobile number. It could be his personal one, work or business number. On providing the number, the site sends a OTP to the mentioned number to verify if the account creator actually have access to that number or not. On supplying the correct password, accounts gets created and the phone number is associated with that account as ‘Phone Verified Account’. The same user cannot create another account on the same site with same number.

The issues with PVA

The problem arises when during the account verification process, these sites ask for mobile numbers. However, not everyone feels safe to provide their personal number to such sites, but also wants social media accounts to be active at the same time. In many scenarios, one may need to have access to multiple accounts on social networking platforms but with the introduction of PVA, the same is not an easy task anymore.

We tried to find various means to bypass the phone verification method but wasn’t successful. During the search phase, we stumbled upon At first glance, we thought the website to be like any other bulk SMS marketing agency. However, as we explored the inner pages, and read more about the company, it was shocking to know that PVACodes is the ultimate answer to create multiple accounts on social networking sites with the help of their service.

What is

This is where comes for rescue to the problems faced by millions of people worldwide, specially those working with digital marketing who needs to have access to multiple accounts. One can now verify their online accounts with the number provided by This saves one from providing their business, work or personal number to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or for instance any other service. provides real numbers, real sim numbers to be more precise that is capable to receive SMS for you to verify the SMS confirmation. They specialize in providing real sim numbers to customers for their online website PVA (Phone Verified Accounts) to get active in no time. Their service also includes Voice platform and Verification by Call Back procedures. All these services are active in over 100 countries globally. provides the service to use a temporary number that can receive SMS which can be used anywhere on website. We find that a lot many websites needs SMS code for verification while registering their account. However, when a person do not want to provide personal number for the sake of spams and other issues, can use the service of PVACodes. One does not need any physical sim but the number is a virtual one that can be accessed via API or web interface. This service can also be used when one is asked to provide number while watching any online video or downloading any document where phone verification is needed.

Steps to avail the service

The process to avail the service of is very simple, easy and can be explained in simple steps

  1. One need to sign up on their website with a valid email account and other basic details to create a user account.
  2. Add some credit to your wallet through encrypted payment gateway system. One can be assured of risk-free transaction as they use all precautionary measures and use secured gateway.
  3. User need to select the service needed, i.e., for which platform is the new temporary number needed.
  4. Provide the number to the social networking site for account creation. You’ll get the sms on this number which can be used for creating phone verified account. It’s done.

Pricing details

We found many sites offering PVA number service provider. However, no others sites were as reasonable as They serve more than XXX number of countries worldwide. The price range starts from $0.10 for each verification sms and $0.01 for every call verification method. These price depends on the country one is opting for and the service intended to use. The credit in the account wallet never expires and can be reused as and when needed.

Not just a temporary number, but also provides numbers on rent. At times one may need the number for a long duration, which could extend to few weeks or months. In such case, they also rent the number so that the user can use the same on various sites for multiple purpose. Even freelancers or digital marketing service providers who are responsible for creating multiple accounts for a client for a particular period of time, can use such service. They have separate charge for renting numbers depending on the country and the duration of rent.


How to start the service

The services at was started to help the user to verify their account on any networks including Facebook, Twitter, Skout, Gmail, Kakao or even Tinder in a jiffy. One just need to register at website, top=up the wallet credit and start using the service.

Is buying credit safe?

Payment gateway system on is fully secure and encrypted without the risk of any intrusion. They accept all PayPalSkrill, Webmoney, and Bitcoin. They provide instant customer support in case of any disputes. Credits get reflected in the account dashboard as soon as the payment is cleared. Moreover, the validity of credits purchased in account never expires. Hence, it is very safe to buy credits at

Do accept credit cards?

No, as of now, the site accepts payment from PayPalSkrill, Webmoney, and Bitcoin only. However, with the growing market, the management is working on to add more payment methods including credit card and debit card. Competent technical team with pool of designers, they may come with more payment option in future for sure.

How do I get the number?

Once the wallet is credited after successful payment, the easy interface of allow the user to get the new number with few clicks only. When one demands for a new number, user shall also intimate the app details or website details for which the number is to be generated. The new number shall be available on the user dashboard.

How much time does it take to get the new number?

Generally, the only wait period is during the payment successful notification from the provider. It does not take more than 5-10 minutes for the payment approval message. Once the credit appears on the dashboard, buying a number is an instant process.

Does it cover all the networking service?

After scanning the site, it was found that offers service to almost all the social networking sites and other portals where PVA is required. However, the site has also informed that in case of absence of any servicing site, users are free to notify the team, and they will do their best to add it to their list at the earliest.

What are restriction on number? allow only one time sms per number per account. Apart from it, the database deletes all the numbers every 7th day, so users are asked to store the number as per convenience. Moreover, if the user wants to keep the number for a prolonged period, a requisition for renting the number must be placed before the expiry of the number.


To conclude in a nutshell, it is found that the service provided by in the form of number allocating, sim numbers on rent and voice call verification service, is excellent as compared with other service providers. The pricing of each service is well explained on the website and with such a huge coverage of network, is certainly one of the finest PVA code service provider. The tech support system is available with prompt response and one can be assured for the value of their money invested in such system.