How To Verify Phone Number with Google

How To Verify Phone Number with Google


Google provides certain account-specific features and support if you verify your phone number. It needs to know that all your personal details are valid through a verification number. You can verify your Gmail account with your phone number through this process.


You can opt for many ways to do that, such as you can verify with SMS or verify text message or even a call for verification. Let’s see what steps you need to take to verify your phone number with Google. 



Step 1: During the sign-up process in AdMob, you will be prompted to the verification procedure.


Step 2 – You need to find and click on ‘Next: Verify your Account.’


Step 3: After that, you will need to add a valid US phone number. You will get US number from or android app Codesfly.


Step 4: You will need to choose whether to go with verifying text message or a call option.


Step 5 – Click on ‘Continue’.


Step 6: You get a 6-digit verification number on your phone. Enter that and press ‘Verify’ to verify your phone number.




Can you Use Venmo Google Voice?


Right now, you can’t use your Google Voice number in Venmo. Because Venmo sees your Google Voice number as a VoIP. So you can’t go for Venmo Google Voice.



What is a Non-Fixed VoIP Number?


VoIP numbers are virtual phone numbers that can be connected with any geographical area according to your preference. These VoIP accounts are associated with VoIP numbers that do not need a fixed address, which means that you can use any address you like. No fixed VoIP numbers are usually very popular with small business owners as they need to have a local number where their clients are based. For example, if you deal with US-based clients, you can expressly opt for a non-fixed US VoIP number to connect with the clients there.



How to Verify Google Voice without Phone Number?


It is a convenient and straightforward way to verify Google’s voice without a phone number. Google voice is a feature of forwarding voicemails, calls, and texts. Generally, you will need to verify your phone number to avail of this service. But there is a reliable way out for not disclosing your privacy to use google voice.



● You will need to access the DoNotPay website through your web browser by typing


● You will be able to find the Burner Phone Category on the web page.


● Then you need to enter the company name for which you are using this service mainly.


● Finally, you will have to press the button which says ‘Create a Temporary Number.’


● This new temporary phone number will appear with a verification number. You can use this code to log in or sign up for any services like Google Voice.



How To verify your phone number Google bypass?



There are definite steps to bypass Google Phone verification. You can opt for a temporary number to do this. A temporary number is easily accessible through apps like Hushed, Free Tone, Burner, and a lot of others. You can also skip entering your phone number while creating a Gmail account. For that, you will need to just leave the field of phone number empty and use another recovery email address.



Wrapping Up –


There are multiple ways to verify your phone number. Google services demand to verify the number because that proves your identity and allows Google to use this number to send texts or calls if some emergency occurs. But there are also convenient ways to not disclose your phone number while using a service. The most reliable and effective steps have been discussed in this article. So consider this article as a guide to know different ways to not disclose your private number.