If you think about the first thing people are connected to right from the moment they wake up till they go to sleep is their mobile phones. Checking your mobiles every 10 to 20 minutes has been an Unstoppable part of our routine which we hardly notice. But this has given an enormous opportunity to the marketers to get connected to the target audience or customers.

SMS is one of the most viable media to get connected to the target customers. It is one of the most effective medium to get the attention of the people. That is why marketers came up with SMS marketing.

SMS marketing is a system by which firms or companies deliver specials, coupons, deals, reminders, and more through targeted consent-based open-source text messages. SMS marketing is also popular as text message marketing. The messages should comprise a maximum of 160 characters.

SMS marketing can also be defined by sending bulk messages to thousands of people who get it in terms of their geographical location or terms of unique niche. This can be very effective in order to spread awareness about your service, our product, the introduction of a new product, or even get website traffic.

What are the benefits of SMS marketing?

There are a thousand advantages of SMS marketing considering both on the short term and long term basis. Because of several benefits, that has been one of the most go-to trusted methods of marketers.

  1. It increased awareness about the business or product.

There is a high chance that people are going to open their inbox or even catch a glimpse of the SMS being sent to their phones. This creates awareness, and it is very likely to remain in the customers’ subconscious mind and is going to be aware of the brand.

  1. It helps increase your website traffic.

When you communicate with your customers via SMS and include the details like website URL and details about your service, there is a high possibility that the targeted audience will click on the URL. This will increase the traffic and increase the footfall on your website.

  1. Instant communication with customers.

SMS marketing leaves no room for any outside or via communication. Since the communication is directly from the company to the customer, the communication channel is evident without any noise, and the effect is almost immediate. This instant communication establishes a much more robust and efficient communication channel.

How to concretely set up Your SMS Marketing Strategy

To decide if marketing through SMS is right for your campaign, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Deciding if the campaign time-sensitive? SMS is best for urgent messages you want recipients to see immediately.
  2. If SMS can truly be the right format? If you can’t effectively communicate your message in 160 characters or less, consider email or push notifications instead.
  3. The nature of the information value-added to gleam the sense of delight in that consumers while receiving the text on such a personal space channel and not be annoyed?

If the answer is positive for all the above, you should start putting the base bricks to your SMS campaign.

How to amplify the quality of your SMS marketing campaign?

Various companies are coming up with various strategies that can improve your SMS marketing game, but choosing the right one is important.

  • The motive of the SMS should be made crystal clear with the call to action initiative.

The motive of the SMS must be transparent. You can attract the customer’s attention for a few seconds. The message should be loud and clear. A right SMS Marketing message includes an excellent call to action button which states what must be done by the customers, and also the advantage must be loud and clear.

  • From Tracking till optimizing the campaign

To understand the campaign’s efficiency and effectiveness, it is crucial for marketers to track the campaign. This clears out the scope of improvement ad Lays down the future perspective and improvement areas very vividly. Tracking involves the response you get after the bulk SMS activation. Tracking different time responses on different offers also involves a significant role in optimizing the process and understanding the customer. Detailed Return on Investment must be counted as well. You, as a marketer, can track the responses via sms activate seervices. Sending bulk messages from any number from any part of the world is possible with pvapins.

  • Get a country-specific phone number with PVA pins.

Pvapins allows you to get any country-specific number to send bulk SMS to your desired customers.

  • Know the best time for customers response

To send an SMS campaign, the right time must be chosen. An active response can only be received if you leave enough time to use the call to action. This will help you to extract the maximum information regarding the return on investment. And as soon as the customer responds, be ready with your next step as well.

  • Keep it short and crisp.

One of the best methods to get the customer’s attention is to keep the message short, and the main motive should be vividly clear. Each SMS must not cross 160 characters. Playing with the right words is extremely important when you are trying to make a cost-effective choice. Mentioning the benefit or the reward will make your SMS more attractive and the campaign much successful.

  • Create a proper frequency

The proper amalgamation of frequencies is essential. Sending too many messages can irritate the customer, and not sending enough messages can risk losing the customer’s interest. Here a fine-tuning is imperative as you don’t want to lose the customer. As a marketer, you need to find the proper balance so that you can maintain a proper relationship with the customer.

  • Categorise 

You will not speak like a faithful client to a brand new tourist. This is the same for SMS. Segment the users and make sure that the user has useful and appropriate content. New guests can be delivered free or have discount codes, and repeated users can access new goods early or invite them to the loyalty scheme. Use the profile details to provide a single user with customized insights and conversions to send birthday deals, new consumer discounts, or localization campaigns.

  • Impactful and urgent 

Immediacy is one of the most significant advantages of SMS. We are using this for your benefit.

Send enticing discounts to consumers as they arrive or go by the shop by combining SMSs with regional campaigns. Include in your message copy phrases such as “Valid till,” “Expire soon”, or “Now only to give you a feeling of urgency to act.

  1. Using keywords to help knowledge expand

To build an opt-in list of customers who want to accept your SMS updates:

  1. Use the SMS keyword.
  2. Print it somewhere, and an opt-in list of followers is quickly generated. If submitted to someone who has never given their permission, SMS marketing can be invasive.
  3. Ensure that all beneficiaries have been able to connect with the company by maintaining your reputation.

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Who should take the road of SMS Marketing?

Corporations and companies from various sectors use SMS to connect with consumers and/or workers. If you work in a business of repeated clients or a corporation with large numbers of modified and informed individuals, text messaging can be a valuable method for you. Here are samples of the numerous companies that are currently using our service to send you ideas.

  • Salons and spa services use SMS to deliver appeals, relevant deals, telephone vouchers and fill in expected shortages due to appointment cancellations.
  • Schools deliver notifications, event recollections, reminders for cancellations, and more to parents and workers via mass text messages.
  • Nightclubs and bars use it to submit restaurant-like coupons but aim to their clients. They also run tournaments for “text 2 win”, give free cover fees and recalls.
  • Restaurants send smartphone coupons, special meals, fresh dish updates, safe food tips, booking recallers, and even alerts of contact with the employees using SMS marketing.

There are just a variety of instances. In the use of SMS ads, the sky is at its limits.

What needs to be done to set up your SMS marketing prompts?

Know what you are doing and how it works when you market your product or service. Wherever you advertise, touch on the points below.

  • Please provide a program summary. Let your clients know your motive and what they are going to sign up for. Also, mention the benefit as to why they should do it.      
  • Assist with a resource. For starters, on your marketing flyers, only add transparent quotes and for more details or send them a website address that they can go for to get more information about your SMS marketing program.
  • Enter your text messaging frequency. As described on auto-responses in the previous segment, let them know how much your clients hear about you every month. This makes it easy to expect from the corporation or agency a lot of documents.

Please offer your users opt-out directions.

Your probable customer list critically defines the success of your SMS marketing. Your marketing efforts would be lost without an audience. The more and more people have knowledge about your SMS, the better. As virtually every text you send is read by your client, your list’s size and the number of customers coming through your door are closely linked.