Benefits of Using Real Phone Numbers Online


The massive increase in digitization has been highly beneficial. But it also resulted in making ways for new types of scams. According to recent surveys, one out of ten people has been a victim of identity theft at some point in life. And providing our actual number in every online platform increased the risks of identity theft. That brings us to a pertinent question, what should we do? Are there any alternatives?

The answer is quite simple. Using a fake phone number for verification can help you secure your privacy to the utmost level. There are significant benefits of using a fake phone number for the verification app. Let’s take a look at some of the essential helpful aspects.

  • The advantages of Anonymity

Whenever you go for buying a sim card from a cellular phone shop, you need to go through identity verification. For that, every sim card gets linked to a specific person. Generally, a person can only obtain a sim card if he or she has a legit passport.

On the other hand, fake phone number for verification code is entirely different. It is totally autonomous. If you use a fake phone number SMS, your identity cannot be revealed by anyone. Apart from not establishing your real identity, hackers or scammers can also not know your valuable data such as email id, address, or even real phone number. So, hiding your identity and personal data is very simple by using a fake phone number text.

  • Create an account of any source

To understand this point, let’s imagine you want to create an account on any source on the web using your real number. Now, the website is viral, and many people are creating accounts on it. But, there is still a high possibility of getting scammed.

Most of the sources available on the web do not provide its users 100% transparency. So, as a user, you would never know who is getting access to the site’s database. Even if things are going pretty well, there’s no guarantee regarding the safety of websites for now. Your personal information can be used for sending promotional offers to your phone constantly, which is a situation we are all familiar with. That’s why leaving your real phone number might cost you more. So using a

fake phone number to verify eliminates these types of severe risks.

  • Removing Regional Restrictions

Mobile operators often have specific rules like not allowing you to use a service that is restricted to your location. Let’s imagine that you need to establish a freelance exchange account in a foreign country. But it is not going to happen with your personal phone number. There are specific restrictions that will not allow this action.

This problem can be solved easily by just using a fake phone number verification. You require a fake phone number online from any app and use that for registration purposes. Hence, you can create a new account in anywhere the world.

  • Social Media Handles

Our social media handles require our emails and phone numbers. But in today’s world, cybercrimes in social media are increasing heavily. We all know a person in our friend’s group who has been either threatened, wrongly accused, blamed, or even turned into a victim of other serious cybercrimes like bank fraud and identity theft. These specific types of cybercrimes majorly take place through various social media sites. Because of the abundant availability of your personal information on your handles, it becomes easy for hackers to steal your information and use it in the wrong way. That’s why it is also advised to use fake phone numbers for Snapchat or for any other social media handle.

Where to get fake phone numbers in the USA? 

Getting a fake US phone number is actually much easier than you would probably think. Here are some renowned apps to generate fake SMS numbers or fake temporary phone numbers for you to remain worry-free while creating accounts on any source.

  • Free Tone

Free Tone is ultimately a free service from where you could have fake numbers accessible. This app is on android and iOS devices while offering a varied range of options. This app allows you services like calling and messaging from fake US number. Remember, the communication would be limited. Apart from that, if you just want to use fake phone numbers, SMS, or fake verification number, this app will cover up all of that for you.

  • Burner

Unlike Free Tone, Burner runs on a paid situation. So you need to pay a certain amount to avail fake number for verification app or fake number to receive SMS. But Burner is entirely reliable. Besides being a paid app, you can also obtain a trial for 14 days, which is convenient. After this trial ends, you will need to choose a particular plan to avail monthly premium service for using fake phone numbers text.

  • Hushed

Hushed is very much similar to Burner as it also offers both paid and free services. You can get the benefits of using a fake number SMS or fake phone verification for 3 days without paying a single penny. After that, you must go for paid services to continue to use fake numbers. A big plus point of Hushed is that it offers plenty of exciting options such as call forwarding and voice mailing.

Wrapping Up –

Real phone number providing companies do not give two digits to the same person apart from rare occasions. So, you need to be more creative in getting yourself a fake phone number for verification or fake number to receive texts. That’s why we have given you information about some of the most reliable and famous platforms for receiving fake phone numbers online while acknowledging the benefits of using fake number SMS. So, consider going through this article to save your identity and personal information from being in the hands of dangerous hackers or scammers.