Other added on UK 2 Hello users, You can use UK 2 for any other apps that listed on our panel   -   19/01/20 08:23 pm     Germany - Netflix limited stock of numbers Due to high demand for netflix. Germany numbers stocks are limited.   -   07/01/20 08:24 pm     Keybase added We added Keybase to all countries   -   06/12/19 05:27 pm     Maintenance - Technical We undergoing some Maintenance work so some number fetch issue may occur   -   15/09/19 05:14 pm     Numbers history Due to some technical concern the user history will be shown only of the current month.   -   30/07/19 06:13 pm     New Countries added 28 May 2019 Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Armenia, Turkey, EL Salvador   -   29/05/19 03:44 am     Countries added Nicaragua,Honduras,Finland     -   30/04/19 11:15 pm     About Doordash Hello we added Doordash numbers in bulk quantity. Msg us on skype for bulk discount skype id : aman.saha0   -   09/04/19 11:44 am     New countries added Swaziland, Uzbekistan, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Switzerland   -   28/03/19 12:00 pm     New Country Nigeria Hello We added Country Nigeria   -   23/09/18 04:45 pm     PVACodes New Countries PVACodes.Com - Automatic SMS Verification countries now support over 25+ Countries India USA UK Hong Kong Kyrgyzstan Poland Cambodia Congo Egypt Ethiopia Madagascar Malaysia Myanmar Philippines South Africa Thailand Kazakhstan Vietnum Zambia Ukraine China Russia Israel Tanzania   -   06/08/18 08:46 pm     USA Number IP Problem Kindly note there is no issues with USA numbers just use good ip Blacklisted / cloud ips not works on gmail We test nord vpn and its works Example : Location:  United States (US), Secaucus ISP:  QuadraNet   -   23/06/18 10:56 pm     Google Numbers Just want to let you know that Israel numbers working well on Google   -   03/06/18 02:34 am     New Country Kyrgyzstan We added new country Kyrgyzstan   -   29/05/18 02:05 pm     About USA numbers We doing beta testing of USA Numbers and price is 1$ fixed for starting to prevent mass use of numbers and maintain its quality. Price changes will be done until next notice   -   17/05/18 05:08 am     USA and Morocco Numbers added Hello after huge request we added USA and Morocco numbers   -   16/05/18 04:22 am     8 Countries Added You said and we did it PVacodes.Com not only done better it is best now with many countries Countries now UK - Only Google Malaysia Indonesia Philippines Kazakhstan Ukraine China Russia Tanzania and many more coming We have better rates for bulk buyers skype : aman.saha0   -   12/04/18 07:38 am     Important Notice Service halted Hello we are sorry for the inconvenience, service halted due to disturbance of internet in Malaysia. It will be fix this week.   -   12/02/18 07:25 pm     Google and Whatsapp Google and Whatsapp number not in stock it will be added soon.   -   09/02/18 04:50 pm     Error 101 Error 101 happening due to changes in API. It will be fix today.   -   29/01/18 02:10 pm     Adding Numbers 29.01.2018 We working on to add new numbers,it should be added in couple of hours. To maintain quality of service we change numbers daily.   -   29/01/18 09:32 am     Google update Numbers for Google added   -   28/01/18 02:54 am     New Update We launched today a new feature to use same number for same service again. As we recently saw hotmail sending code twice while creating account. So you can use the same number twice to receive code. It will be free for hotmail.You need to msg me to run on the feature for you.   -   25/01/18 06:30 am     New Numbers Update As you can see we stopped giving update for new numbers this is because we changing numbers daily. Happy using our service..   -   25/01/18 06:29 am     New Country Philippines Today we added Philippines number on PVACodes.Com. Rates are same for all.   -   21/01/18 07:16 pm     New Numbers Added 20.01.2018 New Numbers Added 20.01.2018   -   20/01/18 10:40 pm     New SIM Added 17.01.2018 New SIM number added on 17.01.2018   -   17/01/18 08:18 am     Adding New Numbers 17.01.2018 Hello we adding new number please wait 17.01.2018   -   17/01/18 03:43 am     New Numbers Added 14.02.2018 (2nd time) New Numbers Added 14.02.2018 (2nd time)   -   14/01/18 06:24 pm     Adding New Numbers 14.01.2018 We are Adding New Numbers. Please comeback after sometime if you want to use for Google.   -   14/01/18 03:03 pm     New Numbers Added 14.01.2018 New Number added 14.01.2018   -   14/01/18 03:55 am     Gmail Problem Problem for Gmail/Google number fixed. If you still face issues then msg skype : aman.saha0   -   14/01/18 03:21 am     New Numbers Added New Numbers Added on 12.01.2018   -   12/01/18 09:39 pm     Adding New Numbers Hello we are adding New Number today 12.01.2018. Please come back after few minutes.   -   12/01/18 04:29 pm     New Sim Number New Fresh Numbers added today 01.10.2018   -   10/01/18 11:51 pm     New SIM We are loding New Sim please wait for while   -   10/01/18 08:51 pm     Fresh Sim loading Our request number stopped for few hours as sim changing going on. Please have patience.   -   02/01/18 05:47 pm     Facebook Group You can join our facebook group to know about future updates http://bit.ly/2llmImU   -   29/12/17 01:29 am     Google number problem If you see Google used number problem just change to other numbers.   -   30/09/17 10:30 am